Illinois Central Gulf 86' 4 Door Boxcar

ICG took delivery of 86' 4-Door Boxcars from Greenville Steel Car Company in 3 orders. They arrived in 1973, 1978 and 1979. The cars saw service nationwide in Auto Parts Pools. Specifc return stencils are included to model their original Return Route Assignments in Michigan and Centralia, IL.

This decal set is specifically aimed at the 1978 and 1979 delivered cars, although most of the lettering will work for other series as well.

This decal set is one of my largest sets yet, and even includes the COTS/Lube Plates. The modeler only needs to supply an ACI label to complete the set. Enough lettering is included to finish 1 car. This set includes the rare 10' tall I-Ball emblems, never before available in HO Scale. HO Modelers will want to start with the Athearn 4-Door 86' Boxcar Kit.

A decal diagram is included. Many thanks go out to Nick Molo and Chuck Grigsby, who provided key research for this decal set!

This decal set is printed in black, white and yellow, and includes a lettering diagram to assist with painting and lettering location.

Cost: $7.00 per set.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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