Illinois Central Gulf Pullman Standard 4740 Covered Hoppers 1978+


Through the years, the ICG repainted many of its former IC and GM&O classes of Pullman Standard 4740 Covered Hoppers. Starting in 1978, ICG experimented with simplified paint schemes. Over the next few years, the simplified lettering was tweaked: changing emblems, font style and location.

Appropriate car series for the PS 4740 Covered Hoppers include:

ICG 764600-764699 (Ex-IC 56800-56899)
ICG 764700-764999 (Ex-IC 56900-57199)
ICG 765000-765299 (Ex-IC 765000-765299)
ICG 765600-765699 (Ex-GM&O 81050-81149)

Many of these hoppers are in service today. This decal set includes all of the data you need to decal two cars. There is plenty of data, including appropriate COTS stencils, CAPY data, various reporting mark fonts, and emblems. It is designed to be used with the HO Athearn PS Covered Hopper.

An additional photo of this series can be found on the George Elwood Fallen Flags Website : The ICG 765265 was photographed by Tom Mann.

Note: This set now includes slightly "stretched" ICG emblems to match the ribs of the Athearn 4740 Covered Hopper. That is why the emblems below appear to be slightly oval in shape. Once laid on the car across the ribs, the oval will take on the normal circle shape.

A detailed lettering diagram is included showing all 3 schemes. This set is printed in black and white.

Cost: $10.00 per set.

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