Illinois Central Gulf 38' Pulpwood Flatcars 1972+

The ICG inherited over 1200 38' Pulpwood Rack cars as a result of the IC and GM&O merger. These cars, assembled by GM&O and IC shops forces, utilized nearly indestructible General Steel cast frames. Assembled between 1950 and 1963, these racks were the backbone for the movement of pulpwood on the GM&O.

As the 1970s progressed, newer 50' Pulpwood racks were assembled at Centralia to augment the roster. Into the mid-1980s, many of the 38' racks were removed form service. Some were scrapped, while others were reassigned to M.O.W service as track panel cars. Many of these track panel cars continue in service today.

Appropriate number series include:

ICG 810000-810037 (Ex-IC 7800-7837, blt 1963)
ICG 810050-810099 (Ex-IC 7450-7499, blt 1951)
ICG 810150-810399 (Ex-GM&O 3750-3999, blt 1957)
ICG 810400-810699 (Ex-GM&O 4000-4299, blt 1950/1952)
ICG 810700-810899 (Ex-GM&O 4300-4499, blt 1952)
ICG 810900-910999 (Ex-GM&O 4500-4599, blt 1953)
ICG 811000-811099 (Ex-GM&O 4600-4699, blt 1953/1954)
ICG 811100-811299 (Ex-GM&O 4700-4899, blt 1955)
ICG 101XXX series for MOW service. (Example numbers include 101350, 101359, 101362, 101367, 101371).

This decal set includes all of the data you need to decal up to four cars. (2 Revenue Service and 2 MOW) It is designed to be used with the HO Atlas 38' Pulpwood Flatcar.

A detailed lettering diagram is included for both schemes. This set is printed in black and white.

Cost: $8.00 per set.

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