Illinois Central Coil Car Hoods 1988+


This decal set is intended for those who model newer replacement and repainted coil car hoods in the post-1987 "New" IC era.

After the renaming of the Illinois Central Gulf to Illinois Central in late 1987, the "new" IC changed its paint scheme to a basic grey for freight cars. This was reflected in Coil Car hoods, some of which were painted into a medium grey, with simple "Illinois Central" stenciling. In 7/1993 and again in 3/1996, the IC would add Thrall coil cars to its roster, wearing black hoods with white lettering.

Replacement rounded hoods would also show up in the 1990s on the railroad's Evans coil cars, as the original angular hoods wore out or were damaged beyond repair.

A lettering diagram is included. This set includes enough lettering for 8 coil hoods: 4 in the black scheme and 4 in the grey scheme.

The grey hoods start appearing on the IC in 1988. The earliest date I have found for the black hoods is 7/1993. The black hoods are very common today on ICG (and other roads') coil cars.

Examples of black hoods on the Thrall-delivered coil cars can be found on IC 299641 and IC 299683. Examples of IC replacement hoods can be seen on ICG 299588 (all from the George Elwood Fallen Flags Website ). Also, check out ICG 299500 and ICG 299527 (Thomas French Photos from ) .

Cost: $4.00 per set. This set is available in HO Scale.

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