Illinois Central Gulf ACF Center Flow
3560cf Covered Hopper 1972+

This decal set is used to model ICG's 1972 order of 50 ACF 3560cf covered hoppers. Series ICG 776400-776449. (The first 40 had gravity outlet gates, while the last 10 had gravity-pneumatic gates.)

The entire car was painted a very light gray. These cars continue to serve the CN today. These cars are typically used in soda ash (glass), potash (fertilizer industry), salt and other mineral services.

A detailed lettering diagram is included. This set includes enough lettering for 1 car and is printed in black and white. All you need to provide is the ACI label, if it is appropriate for your era. (Atlas makes a model of ACF's 3560cf car in HO.)

Additional photos of ICG 776414, ICG 776421 and ICG 776437 can be found on the George Elwood Fallen Flags Website .

Cost: $7.00 per set. This set is available in HO and also N Scale.

Shipping: US orders include $1.00 with your total order. Outside the US? Then please include $2.00

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