Gulf Mobile & Ohio Pullman Standard 4740 Covered Hoppers 1970+

In 1970, the Gulf Mobile & Ohio took delivery of 100 PS 4740 cu.ft. covered hoppers. Numbered 81050-81149, they were painted grey with black GM&O graphics. Ordered with round hatches instead of a long trough-style hatch, these cars were initially in soda ash and grain service. Later assignments also included salt cake loading.

The series lasted through the ICG era, and some have lasted at least into 2006. (As evidenced by a filthy 81122 shot by Marlin Markle on George Elwood's website!) This decal set includes all of the data you need to decal two cars. I have also included as many of the return routes as I am aware of for this series. All of their original return routes and assigments are included on the data sheet in the set.

The decal set is designed to be used with the spectacular Tangent Scale Models 4740 Covered Hopper. The GM&O cars were delivered with Apex style walkways -- a link to the correct Tangent undecorated car is here. Add some round hatches (also sold by Tangent) and you have a great modeling project!

-A photo of car 81084 can be found in the IC/GM&O Color Guide by James Kinkaid. (Published by Morning Sun).
-A photo of GM&O 81079 shot by Stanley Sienicki can be found on Goerge Elwood's Fallen Flags Site here.
-A photo of GM&O 81112 by Ron Hawkins can be found on the Site here.

A detailed lettering diagram is included. This set is printed in black, white and red.

Cost: $8.00 per set.

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