Illinois Central 50' PS-1 Combo Door Boxcar 1967+

The Illinois Central took delivery of 200 50' PS-1 Combination Door Boxcars in 1967. Built at Pullman's Michigan City, Indiana Plant, the cars were equipped with a 10' sliding main door and an 6' plug door. This decal set will letter 1 car, and includes several different return routes.

The cars were painted orange: sides, ends, roof and draft gear. The trucks and underframe were painted black.

Another photo of 37643 can be found in Morning Sun IC/GM&O Color Guide by Kinkaid. (Comon, now, you haven't gotten that book yet?)

Intermountain's HO PS-1 DD Boxcar Model can be used as a starting point to model these cars. Modeling attention should be paid to the doors and ladders/steps to match the IC prototype. (Remember that Kadee sells their 10' Youngstown Door separately as a part, and the Intermountain plug door can be cut down to better simulate the 6' style on the IC Prototype.)

The decal set is printed in black and white and includes everything shown above, including a detailed lettering diagram.. A big thank you to Tom Mann and Jim Kinkaid for their research assistance.

Cost: $7.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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