Illinois Central Gulf Pullman Standard 4750 Covered Hopper (Early Thin Lettering) 1972+



Born on August 10th, 1972, the ICG wasted no time and continued receiving the August IC order of 300 Pullman Standard 4750 covered hoppers. The first 50 covered hoppers came painted in the IC Split Rail Orange (see ICG-58 set). The rest would begin receiving the "New" ICG image. These first ICG cars featured a "thinner" ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF lettering than what would become standard in another year.

These 250 4750 cu.ft. covered hoppers, numbered 765350-765599, hold the distinction of being the first new cars delivered to the ICG.

These hoppers lasted through the ICG era, and can still be seen today. This decal set includes all of the data you need to decal one car.. This all new set is a significant upgrade and improvement from the old ICG-28 set it replaced. It featuires the latest in ICG logo technology and is designed to be used with the HO Tangent Scale Models PS 4750 Covered Hopper. The logo's vertical panels are designed specifically for the Tangent car. Much of the major panel lettering can be done in single vertical strips on the car to speed the whole process up and make alignment easier.

An additional photo of this series can be found in the IC/GM&O Color Guide by James Kinkaid. (Published by Morning Sun).

A detailed lettering diagram is included. This set is printed in black and white. All lettering is included to model an as-delivered car, except for the ACI label, which is supplied by you!

Cost: $8.00 per set.

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