Illinois Central Gulf Pullman Standard 4750 Covered Hopper 1973+


The ICG continued to take deliveries of Pullman Standard 4750 hoppers through the 1970s: 765700-765999 in 1973, 766000-766299 in 1974 and 766300-766699 in 1977.

These orders were painted in the ICG I-ball scheme with the 'thicker' style ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF that had become standard.

Many of these 1000 hoppers continue to haul grain today, some approaching their 40th birthday. This decal set includes all of the data you need to decal one car. It is designed to be used with the HO Tangent Scale Models PS 4750 Covered Hopper. It includes all of the various data to letter any one car of the three deliveries. (Each delivery had its own minor changes in data etc.)

An additional photo of this series can be found in the IC/GM&O Color Guide by James Kinkaid. (Published by Morning Sun). You can also find photos on the George Elwood Fallen Flags Website including the ICG 765776 , ICG 766261 and ICG 766419 .

A detailed lettering diagram is included. This set is printed in black, white and yellow.

Cost: $9.00 per set.

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