Illinois Central Gulf Gondolas 1972+


The Illinois Central Gulf rostered a sizeable fleet of Gondolas, in both ex-GM&O and ex-IC 41', 52', and 65' classes. Through the 1970s, the ICG Centralia shops built another 700 52' gons in various classes.

The ICG used both orange and white lettering schemes through the 1970s. This decal set includes all of the data you need to decal three cars. (One ICG 41' gon in orange lettering, one ICG 52'-65' gon in orange lettering, and one 52'-65' Gon in white lettering) This decal set is BIG and includes everything from the orange billboard lettering to the tiniest repaint dates. All you need to supply is the ACI label.

Appropriate car numbers include:

41' Gons: ICG 240000-240221, 240239-241141, 241300-241728. (Typically used orange Illinois Central Gulf lettering and emblem.)

52' Gons: ICG 244000-244199, 245000-245399 (Orange Illinois Central Gulf), 245400-245499, 245550-245749 (White Illinois Central Gulf)

65' Gons: ICG 247000-247049, 249300-249349 (Orange Illinois Central Gulf)

This decal set also includes appropriate lettering and data for the Container Loading 41' Gondolas. A few of the above 41' series were modified for container loading service. This series included car numbers 220220-220223. A photo of one of these container gons appears in the IC/GM&O Color Guide by Morning Sun (page 123).

A decal diagram is included. This set is printed white and orange. Extra orange pieces are included to aid in splicing the emblem across the rib of the Gondola, if you require them.

Cost: $12.00 per set.

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