Illinois Central Orange Cabooses 1967+

This decal set covers Illinois Central Orange steel cabooses. The split rail scheme was introduced in 1967, and was applied to several classes of cabooses. The prototype cabooses are orange with black underframe and trucks. The decal set is applicable to the following IC Centralia-built prototype series:

Tranfer Cabooses: built 1948-1951
IC 8000 series (orange repaints)

Wide Vision Cabooses:
IC 9350-9399 1972
IC 9400-9449 1972
IC 9450-9499 1970
IC 9500-9549 1969
IC 9550-9599 1970
IC 9650-9699 1966 (Painted in IC Red as built, but many later repainted orange)

Side Door Cabooses: built 1939-1957
IC 9600-9649 1967+ (Painted in IC Red as built, but some later repainted orange)
IC 9700-9999 1967+ (Painted in IC Red as built, but some later repainted orange)

There are lots of online photos out there -- Google is your friend!
Here are some shots I liked:
IC 8020
IC 9355
IC 9382
IC 9403
IC 9438
IC 9444
IC 9693
IC 9777
IC 9906

The decal set is printed in black and white. A lettering diagram is included. Enough lettering is supplied to letter three cabooses.

Cost: $10.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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