Gulf Mobile & Ohio Red 50' PS-1 Boxcar Repaints 1969+

This decal set can be used to model one of the red PS-1 boxcars as repainted by the GM&O's Frascatti Shops (Mobile, AL) starting in 1969. In HO, PS-1 boxcars can be used from Kadee or Intermountain Railway. The prototype 9' Door, Non-Cushioned cars had red sides, ends and roof with black underframe and trucks. The roofs of these cars quickly peeled, showing the galvanized unpainted silver color.

Enough lettering is supplied to letter one car. Examples of prototype cars lasted through the 1980s.

The decal set is printed in black, white and yellow. A lettering diagram is included.

Cost: $7.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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