Gulf Mobile & Ohio General American 50' RBL Boxcars Sill 2/3 1965+

The Gulf Mobile & Ohio rostered several orders of General American 50' Insulated Boxcars. This decal set focuses on the GM&O Sill 2 and Sill 3 style cars: GM&O 1250-1271, Sill 2 style, built in 1965, and GM&O 1275-1295, Sill 3 Style, built in 1968.

The cars were painted with green sides, ends and roof. The underframe and draft gear extensions were green. The running board (if present) was unpainted galvanized steel. The trucks were painted black. Of course, the green eventually peeled up on top, revealing the galvanized steel roof.

I have tried to include every piece of lettering I could find on all of these cars, including all return routes. This set includes enough lettering for 1 complete boxcar (either a Sill2 or a Sill 3 car)

I used the beautiful MOLOCO HO Scale kit for my cars. See and I use Tamiya Green X-5 paint to go after a fresh, newer car.

The silk screened decal set is printed in white and includes everything shown above, including a detailed lettering diagram, specifying the known return routes. (Some return routes were later painted out as the cars were reassigned) All you have to supply is the ACI Label, if it is appropriate for your era. A big thank you to Nick Molo, Ken Donnelly, and Robert Schramm for their research assistance.

Cost: $7.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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