Gulf Mobile & Ohio 42' Gondola 1968+

The GM&O acquired 52 gondolas second-hand from United States Railway Company in 1968. The cars were originally built in 1941 for the DT&I. The GM&O series was 13200-13251. The cars were in general service on the GM&O and continued to work for the ICG in both general and MOW tie service. The cars lasted at least through the 1990s.

In HO Scale, this car can be built from the Proto 2000 52' Gondola. It is a simple kitbash: you literally chop out the middle 3 sections of the Proto model, and you are left with a 41' car accurate for this GM&O series.

Additional photos of cars can be found on the George Elwood Fallen Flags Website including the GM&O 13213 and GM&O 13248. The IC/GM&O Color Guide has a very nice photo of GM&O 13239 on page 112.

A detailed lettering diagram is included. This silk screened set includes enough lettering for 1 car and is printed in white. You provide the ACI label and/or COTS plates, if they are appropriate for your era. I also included some large "&" to assist with other GM&O Gon classes.

Cost: $6.00 per set.

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