Illinois Central Gulf Trinity-Built 52' 100T Gondola 1981+


This decal set is used to model ICG's 1981 Trinity order of 52'6" 100T gondolas. Series ICG 246500-246849 (according to the ORER), but it appears only 250 cars were actually leased: ICG 246500-246749.

The entire car was painted black. These cars continue to serve the CN today.

A detailed lettering diagram is included. This set includes enough lettering for 1 complete car and is printed in black and white. Extra condensed ICG reporting marks are included to model later cars with repainted numbers. (Due to dirt, rust etc.)

I used a Modeler's Choice #250001 Thrall Gondola as a starting point for my model. You can also use a Walthers 52' Gondola as a pretty good starting point, in my opinion.

I replaced the 3rd rib in from each end with #134 Evergreen .030x.080 strip. This simple change goes a long way in turning the Thrall kit into a Trinity prototype, correct for the ICG.

Additional photos of ICG 246515, a very rough ICG 246688 and ICG 246708 can be found on the George Elwood Fallen Flags Website . Many thanks to Tom Mann for providing additional research for these cars.


Cost: $7.00 per set. This set is available in HO Scale.

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