Illinois Central 40’ Mini Hy-Cube Boxcar


The Illinois Central took delivery of 30 40’ Orange Mini Hy-Cube Boxcars in 1967. Numbered in the 15450-15479 series, they were part of Pullman Standard lot #9264 and 9264A. These cars were typically used in appliance service. (For example, in service at the Whirlpool Plant in Evansville, Indiana)

This decal set includes all of the data you need to decal one car. It is designed to fit the Tangent Scale Models HO Scale Pullman Standard 40’ Mini Hy-Cube Boxcar. You supply an ACI label and COTS lettering, if it is appropriate for your era.

As delivered, the prototype boxcar had orange sides and ends. The draft gear, trucks and underframe are black. The roof was originally orange, but that quickly peeled off the galvanized roof, with orange remains on the edges. This decal set is printed in black and white. A decal diagram is included. A prototype photo and plans for the car appeared in the July 1989 Model Railroader Magazine. A nice shot of IC 15474 can be found on by clicking here.

Cost: $6.00 per set.

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