Gulf Mobile & Ohio PS-3 Woodchip Hopper 1967+

Use this decal set to letter one of GM&O's Woodchip hoppers rebuilt from PS-3 Hoppers. Starting in January 1967, the GM&O's Frascati Shops in Mobile, AL added 4'10" extensions to their recently acquired 50-car PS-3 Hopper fleet. These ex-DT&I hoppers would serve the GM&O and later ICG into the 1980s.

Tangent Scale Models makes an extremely accurate PS-3 model in HO. Click here for the page. You have lots of options, including RTR cars, painted RTR undecs, and full kits. Also note that TSM sells the extra bodies that may be useful for the Woodchip kitbash here .

This silk screened decal set includes all of the data you need to decal one car. You supply an ACI label, if appropriate for your era. Various correct number jumbles, re-weigh station examples and misc data are included. The prototype hoppers were painted black.

This decal set is printed in white. A decal diagram is included.


Cost: $6.00 per set.

Shipping: See main page for shipping details.

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