ATSF BX-94 / BX-97 / BX-114 50' Boxcar 1981+ Repaint

This decal set contains lettering for a Santa Fe 50' BX-94, BX-97 or BX-114 Boxcar. It is used to model the later all-red helvetica repaints (1981+). In HO, Moloco has released a beautiful new model for the BX-94 and BX-97 classes. With some minor work, you can turn it into a BX-114. (Basically a BX-97 with low ladders/no running board.)

The ATSF rostered hundreds of these cars. The initial series included:
520000-520249 BX-94 1965
520300-520749 BX-97 1965
520750-521449 BX-114 1967

Some of the BX-94 and BX-97 classes also occupy the 523000 and 525000 series, so watch those photos for modeling ideas.

Enough lettering is supplied to letter one car. Data is included to handle the BX-94, BX-97 and BX-114 variations in the small lettering.

Need more photos? You are in luck, my friend. Click the links below to search for ATSF boxcars on sites like:
George Elwood's Fallen Flags
Railroad Picture Archives .NET
Santa Fe Freight in Color.. The Series Vol 1 Boxcars by Priest/Chenowerth also has several useful images.

The silk screened decal set is printed in white, yellow and black. A lettering diagram is included.

Cost: $7.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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