Illinois Central Gulf Steel Transfer Cabooses 1973+

This decal set is aimed at a particular group of 14 steel transfer cabooses the ICG inherited from the GM&O. Constructed from 40' boxcar frames in 1968, they were equipped with superstructures ordered from International Car Company, and assembled at then GM&O's Bloomington, IL shops.

This decal set can be used to model the 3 known examples from the ex-GM&O 2970-2983 series that received ICG orange:

ICG 199072 (ex GM&O 2972): Simplified ICG Orange (1982+)
ICG 199074 (ex GM&O 2974): Simplified ICG Orange w/white reflective striping (1982+)
ICG 199081 (ex GM&O 2981): ICG Orange w/emblem (1973+)

The last of the cabooses were retired in the late 1980s, surviving well into the ICG era. The last ICG orange transfer caboose I saw personally was 199081, scrapped at Centralia, IL in 1987.

A lettering diagram is included. This set includes enough lettering for all three cabooses and is printed in black and white. You supply the ACI labels if they are appropriate for your era.

Crown Custom has just imported (December, 2005) brass models of these cabooses in HO. You could also scratchbuild these cars. With see-through decks and lots of handrails, this would make an impressive and unique model.

Cost: $5.00 per set. This set is available in HO Scale.

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