MILW Milwaukee Road Reweigh Dates:

SE-20 Milwaukee Reweighs WHITE, 1959-1980 Dates
SE-21 Milwaukee Reweighs BLACK, 1959-1980 Dates

These sets cover some of the more popular Milwaukee Road reweigh dates that I see out there. What's the difference between these sets, and why do you need them? Read on, my friend.

SE-20 consists of Sans-Serif style stencil letters in WHITE. $10

SE-21 consists of Sans-Serif style stencil letters in BLACK. $10

Both sets feature the following:

The one-piece Staion code/date lines represent dates in the 1955 through 1982 range -- Over 65 cars worth of lettering. The year breakdows for the one-piece reweigh station/dates are: (10) later 1950s, (26) 1960s, (23) 1970s, (8) early 1980s.

In addition, note that one-piece dates are included for every month/year from 1959-1980, so you can 2-piece any station/date combination you want from that 1959-1980 range..

The following MILW Station codes are represented on this set:
BEN (Bensenville Yard in Chicago, IL)
MILW (Milwaukee Shops, Milwaukee, WI)
MS (Milwaukee Shops, Milwaukee, WI)
SC (Sioux City, SD)
STP (St. Paul, MN)
TA (Tacoma, WA)
EP CO (Evans Products Co - Refurbed MILW boxcars in the 60s)
WA (Evans Washington IN Shops - Rebuilt MILW 135000 series PS-1 Boxcars)

Yeah, I know, that's not every code ever used since the dawn of time for the MILW, but it is just about every code I could find represented in the 1960s/70s as I flipped through prototype photos.
I stopped there, since these sets get really big, really fast.

These Alps decal sets are printed in white and black, as shown.

Available in HO Scale. The sets are $10 each.

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