Pennsylvania Railroad X58 50' Boxcars 1964+

This decal set is designed to letter PRR X58 boxcars. Built in 1964 and 1965, the distinctive X58 class numbered over 2500 cars.

There's enough lettering in this decal set for 2 cars. This is one of my larger sets, as I tried to include every piece of lettering I could research for the as-delivered PRR paint scheme. That includes number jumbles, X58/A/B/C specific class lettering, return routes, plus later era COTS/related 70s data. (Hey, I model 1975, what did you expect?)

X58 boxcars served the Penn Central and Conrail eras, with examples of fully-lettered PRR cars lasting at least through the 80s.

Lots of online example photos exist. Check out George Elwood's Fallen Flags PRR page and RR Picture Archives PRR Freight Car Listing. Look for cars in the 112000-118490 range. The roster listing below is aggregated from ORERs and photos, but I make no guarantees. Do some research and look at some photos when choosing your numbers.

A Quick *Chronologoical* PRR X58 Roster:
X58 : 112000-112399 10,11-64 RBL (Hydra-Cushion Underframe, DFB INSULATED or LD INSULATED)
X58A: 112400-112536 11-64 XMP (Hydra-Cushion Underframe, LD)
X58B: 112537-112686 12-64 XML (Keystone Underframe, No Loader Symbol)
X58C: 112687-112886 1-65 XM (Keystone Underframe, No Loader Symbol)
X58C: 112887-113236 1-65 XM (Keystone Underframe, No Loader Symbol)
X58B: 113237-113386 3-65 XML (Keystone Underframe, No Loader Symbol)
X58A: 113687-113886 3-65 XMP (Hydra-Cushion Underframe, DFB)
X58 : 118013-118490 4,10-65 RBL (Keystone Underframe, LD INSULATED)
X58 : 117813-118012 11-65 RBL (Keystone Underframe, LD INSULATED or DFB INSULATED)
X58B: 114222-114426 12-65 XML (Keystone Underframe, SL)
X58A: 113887-113981 1,2-66 XMP (Hydra-Cushion Underframe, DFB or LD)

These decals are specifically designed for Tangent Scale Models' new (2015) X58 Boxcar. Yes, that means care has been taken to size the Keystone and other lettering to lay correctly across those pesky ribs. No more melting decals and incorrectly sized logos.

These look a little weird on the sheet, but will lay correct on the model...

The boxcar is painted "PRR Freight Car Red" (I'll just call it brown) with an unpainted galvanized roof (with brown edge overspray) and black trucks. This silk screened decal set is printed in black, white, yellow and brown. Remember, there's enough lettering in this decal set for 2 cars. A detailed lettering diagram is included.

Cost: $12.00 per set. Available in HO Scale.

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