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n i t e - l i t e

AS THE DAY FADES INTO TWILIGHT, the scene transforms. Colors emerge, intensify- it's magic hour. This compels me to go out + be part of it. I want to capture what's slowly disappearing before it's gone. I'm drawn to the night, where I can select elements I find intriguing.

There's a curiosity to observing things in darkness, I feel like a detective sleuthing in the night. Objects float in a groundless space. Distant elements emerge from the background, closer things can recede- depending on where I place the emphasis, thru lighting or focus. There's also a connection between time exposures + documenting things that are fleeting. The terrain outside reflects an internal road map, a 'moodscape'. Certain commonplace scenes, objects + effects upon specific elements resonate with me, become symbolic, metaphorical. They reflect what's going on internally, at the moment- or summon emotional states from another time + place. I seek beauty in the mundane. These photos are about observing everday scenes + looking more closely, taking the meaning a step further. About connection + lack of. Taking a longer look, from 1 minute to several hours.

Images are entitled to relay personal, as well as architypal themes, universal issues we all have- “Nite-Lite”: the world inside us + outside, “Lone Cedar”: different than the surrounding staight trees, “Outbuildings”: separate boxes, each with their own purpose, compartmentalization, “Over the Hill”: what lies ahead that we don’t like to think about, “Closed Uptight”: a small windowless structure with doors held tightly shut with angled sticks, know anybody like that? Home Tweet Home”: series of bird habitats- a community within ours, living a parallel existence...

N i T E - L i T E - S i T E / PAULA KELLY