A crude picture of the AVR-1

ITU Technologies AVR-1

The AVR-1 Programmer Utilities for Linux

By Phil Ray

A better picture of the STK200+

ATMEL (Kanda) STK200+


(11-Dec-2002) Minor Update to v1.12:

Version 1.12 has a small omission in the makefile. The line:

TARGETS=avrid avrerase avrlock avrrd avreer avreep avrprg avrfr avrfw

should be:

TARGETS=avrcal avrid avrerase avrlock avrrd avreer avreep avrprg avrfr avrfw

Notice the inclusion of the "avrcal" program at the beginning of the targets. This is the only update to the source package. I have posted the updated package as v1.12-1.

(27-Nov-2002) Version 1.12 is Released!

Welcome to version 1.12. This version is a clean-up of the v1.11 (beta) release. It should be better than (and able to replace) all earlier versions. Here are some new features and programs:

  • The "avrprg" program now uses Data Polling to detect when the next Flash location is ready to be programmed (rather than just waiting a specified number of mS). In addition to speeding up programming, the technique provides verify-after-write for each location as well.

  • All of the utilities have a command-line option to slow down the PC-to-AVR interface by lengthening the SCK HIGH and LOW times. This is useful if your parallel port HW is very fast or your AVR is being programmed in-circuit with a slower (<1MHz) clock.

  • All of the utilities now attempt to verify that the programming HW is connected to an unlocked and active AVR before trying to do anything.

  • The "avreep" and "avreer" programs can now handle AVRs with more than 256 bytes of EEPROM.

  • The "avrid" program attempts to identify the AVR by looking up its Signature Bytes in a database of part names and attributes.

  • AVR-1 now works with the "ABC Mini Board" produced by Investment Technologies Pty.

  • The new "avrcal" program reads the Oscillator Calibration Byte provided by (some?) AVRs that have an internal oscillator.

  • The new "avrfr" and "avrfw" programs allow reading and writing, respectively, of the Fuse Bits in the ATtiny1x (and other?) AVRs.


avr1-1.12-1.tar.gz (bytes: 30180, cksum: 380691176)

avr1-1.12.tar.gz (bytes: 29413, cksum: 1491958)

avr1-1.10.tar.gz (bytes: 22534, cksum: 3545903770)


STK200 dongle schematic (9k GIF)

STK200 Board schematic (75k PDF)

Tom's AVR assembler

AVR-1 schematic (68k TIF)

Dries Pruimboom's HexModify utility


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The AVR-1 Programmer Utilities for Linux is a set of command line tools designed to program the Atmel AVR series of 8 bit RISC microcontrollers. Originally, this package was written to control the "AVR-1" programmer manufactured by ITU Technologies, but its usefulness has been expanded thanks to the ingenuity of others.

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