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General Nautical / Maritime    Top of Page


Sailing Terms


Glossary of Nautical Terms


Glossary of Nautical Terms, phrases and abbreviations


TRMA NAUTICAL GLOSSARY  Titanic Research & Modeling Association



Sport & Recreation    Top of Page


Glossary from a cruising sailboat


Recreational Sailing Glossary


Recreational boating vocabulary


Sea-going terms (From a sailing school.  Not extensive.)


Sailing Terminology


Canoe Dictionary



Commercial Shipping   Top of Page


Acronyms and Abbreviations (The Nautical Institute)


Maritime terms  (Ports & Ships)


Maritime terms (from the insurance world)


Maritime Law terms (McGill University)


Shipping Terms  (U.S. Dept of Transportation, Maritime Administration)


Shipping Glossary (Maersk Line)


Practical Shipping Vocabulary  Explanatory comments for each term. Mostly acronyms.


Berg Business Research - Maritime Glossary


International Trade and Transportation


Marine Terms and Acronyms (Maritime Institute, Newfoundland):

 emphasis on scientific terms


Maritime Terms (The Transportation Institute): Business and Law


Maritime Industry Terms and Abbreviations


Shipping and Offshore Terms



Commercial (Other)   Top of Page


Fisheries terms


Chartering terms



Specialized   Top of Page


Nautical Terms (Great Lakes Shipwrecks)


Physical Oceanography  -- large .pdf file.  Click here for a less complete version in html.


Dory Language


Schooner Vocabulary


Hydrofoil Terms


Tall Ship Terms (from the historic vessel, Lady Washington)


Everyday expressions with nautical origins:  fun, but watch for shaky etymologies


Origins of Naval Terminology in Everyday Use (US Navy)


Ship Modeling Vocabulary


Model Boat Glossary



Sea History   Top of Page


Emphasis on the "Age of Sail"


Glossary of Nautical Terms - mostly historical


Jim Stein's Nautical Terms


Ship Terminology Illustrated


Nomenclature of Naval Vessels  (1942)


Historical Dictionaries   Top of Page


from The Sea Man's Vademecum, 1707.


from Sutherland: Prices of the Shipbuilding Adjusted: or, the Mystery of Ship-Building Unveiled, 1717.


from James Love: The Mariner's Jewel, 1735.


from Mungo Murray: A Treatise on Ship-building and Navigation, 1765.


from Marmaduke Stalkartt: Naval Architecture, 1787


from The Shipbuilder's Repository, 1788


From Steel: The Elements and Rigging and Seamanship (1794):

Mast making

Rope making

Sail making

Block making




from Darcy Lever: The Young Sea Officers Sheet Anchor; or, a key to the leading of rigging, and to practical seamanship, London, 1808


Glossary of Nautical Terms  From 'Examination of a Young Officer' The New Practical Navigator (1814)


William Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine, 1780. Complete.


A New Universal Dictionary of the Marine, Falconer, 1815.  The complete dictionary has been digitized.


from Charles Frederick Partington: The Ship-Builder's Complete Guide, 1825.


from Hedderwick: Marine Architecture (1830)


from Robert Brindley: A Compendium of Naval Architecture, 1832.


from McKay, Lauchlan: The Practical Ship-Builder, 1839.


from Robert Kipping: The Elements of Sailmaking, 1847


from Meade: A Treatise on Naval Architecture and Ship-Building, 1869


Dixon Kemp's Dictionary  (Yachting and Sailing, 1913)


Maritime Terms (circa 1944)







Le transport commercial   Top of Page


Lexique des termes de Marine  (D'après le Glossaire des termes courants de vocabulaire maritime, Ecole Navale et Groupe Ecoles du Poulmic, Edition 1977).


Le vocabulaire maritime (de la marine marchande)


Cours sécurité nautique


Lexique: Transports Ministère des Transports, de l'Équipement, du Tourisme et de la Mer


Lexique Maritime


Le vocabulaire "Marine nationale"


Lexique des termes du droit maritime


Vocabulaire du marinier



Sports / Loisirs   Top of Page


La terminologie d'un bateau (des Guides et Scouts d’Europe)


Petite liste de vocabulaire nautique  (bateau à voile)


Le vocabulaire de la voile


Glossaire de la voile et de la mer


Lexique de la mer  (Vendée Globe)



Autres   Top of Page


Vocabulaire de la marée


Lexique fluvial et Batelier


les sous-marins



Histoire maritime   Top of Page


Glossaire des termes de marine (avec illustrations)


Pirates et Corsaires


Lexique de termes marins


La Marine Ancienne



Dictionnaires historiques   Top of Page


Cleirac:  Vs et covstvmes de la mer, 1661.


Fournier: Hydrographie, 1667


Dassie: L'Architecture navale, contenant la maniere de construire les Navires, Galeres, Chaloupes et autres especes de Vaisseaux, 1695:

Termes vsitez de la marine

Definition De Plvsievres Especes de Vaisseaux

Definition des departies qvi servent à la construction d'un Vaisseau


Rene du Guay-Trouin: Memoire de Monsieur du Guay-Trouin, 1740


Nicolas Aubin: Dictionnaire de marine 1742


Alexandre Saverien: Petit dictionnaire historique, theorique et pratique de marine ancienne & moderne, 1758


Reaumur & Duhamel du Monceau: Fabrique de ancres, 1781


Romme: L'Art de la voilure, 1781


Consolin: Manuel du voiler, 1859






English/French  Français/Anglais   Top of Page


English-French Sailing Dictionary


Français-Anglais Lexique de Navigation Maritime


Canoë-kayak (Français / Anglais)


Un petit lexique Anglais-Français pour la construction navale


Lexique nautique bilingue (Français / Anglais)




Lexique Maritime “Glossary English / Français”


Lexique anglais-français de la radiotéléphonie maritime


Abréviations couramment utilisées dans le monde du transport maritime (Anglais / Français)


Lexique anglais - français du fret maritime





Other / Autres   Top of Page


IOC/UNESCO Titles and Acronyms (English / French / Spanish)


International Hydrographic Dictionary  (English / French / Spanish)


Windsurfing Dictionary  (English - German - Polish - Italian - French – Spanish)


Windsurf glossary  (English / Hungarian)


Vocabulario del Windsurfista  (Windsurfing: English / Spanish)


Inland Waterways and Navigation  (Polish / French / German / English / Dutch)


Ocean Dictionary (Japanese / English, French, Spanish, Portugese)


Dicionário de Termos Náuticos (Português-Castelhano-Inglês-Francês)


H.S. Vial du Clairbois: Anmärkningar vid Öfverstens och Riddarens af Kongl. Svärdsorden, Herr af Chapmans Tractat om Skepps-Byggeriet, 1782  (français / suèdois)


Maritime Law terms (English/Arabic/French)


Johann Hinrich Röding: Allgemeines Wörterbuch der Marine in allen Europæischen Seesprache nebst vollstændigen Erklærungen. , 1793-1798 (Swedish / German)


From Keel to Truck: A Marine Dictionary . Heinrich Paasch, 1885. (English / French / German)  The complete dictionary has been digitized.


D. Timoteo O-Scanlan: Cartilla practica de construccion naval, dispuesta en forma de vocabulario, ... Imprenta Nacional, Madrid, 1847 [2nd]:

Nomenclatura francesa (French / Spanish)

Nomenclatura englesa (English / Spanish)

Nomenclatura italiana (Italian / Spanish)


Carl Gustaf Tornquist: Utkast till Swenska Flottans Sjö-tog, 1788

Swedish / English / French

English / Swedish


Abbreviations Used in Commercial Practice of the International Merchant Marine (English / Russian)


Lé vocabulaithe d'la mé dans les trais langues (Jèrriais – English – French) The language of Jersey


Italian / English


Julian Dixon's Polylingual Translating Dictionary and Glossary for Viking Ships and other ancient and historical Sailing Craft...  (Numerous modern and ancient languages)


WW II U-Boat vocabulary  (German - English)






German / Allemand   Top of Page


Johann Hinrich Röding: Allgemeines Wörterbuch der Marine in allen Europæischen Seesprache nebst vollstændigen Erklærungen. , 1793-1798



Spanish / Espagnol   Top of Page


terminos nauticos  (de la Flota de Optimist del Club de mar de Almeria, España)



Swedish / Suèdois   Top of Page


Dalman: "Utkast til et Sjö-Lexicon", 1765


Carl Gustaf Tornquist: Utkast till Swenska Flottans Sjö-tog, 1788