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Students in K-5 at Chabad are invited to join the middle school students and display their own science fair projects the night of  February 12, 2008.

Red Growing Check Mark

click here to download I Intend to Participate form

Click below picture to download 
I Intend to Participate &
to save a space for you and your project!
Due to Mrs. Paluso by February 4 or before!


Click here to download Display Board Example

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Display Board Example & Instructions.

The last page of the Science Fair Project "Participation" packet is a
form that needs to be filled out and signed by YOU and RETURNED by this February 4 to me if you will have an project on display.

KINDERGARTEN, 1st, 2nd & 3rd will do a whole group class project and it is voluntary if students wish to do their own with a parents help.  There is no notebook due, just the Display Board.

4th will do own projects as teacher assigns.  No notebook due, just a Display Board.

For Fifth Grade, I expect that this project will be done at HOME but I will offer some class time and LOTS of support. Both a notebook and a Display Board are due.

Here is a SUGGESTED TIMELINE for 5th grade:

January 11-18 Class time Write Question & finish Research (find at least 2 internet & one book)....Print Intenet sources to include in your notebook! Take notes in OWN words and put together in well constructed sentences and paragraphs. Homework is to continue this work. Buy Materials.  Write procedures for Paluso to approve before experimenting.

January 18-28 Do experiment (We will have one day in class.) BUY a report COVER, Display Board.

January 29-February 1 Write Analysis, Conclusion, Recommendations

February 1-8 Create Display Board & Notebook

February 11 Science Fair Project is DUE.

February 12 SCIENCE FAIR!!!!

Come enjoy students work and CELEBRATE!!!!! Students are expected to be at display boards to answer questions at least 30 minutes! Please let me know if this is IMPOSSIBLE for you. Thanks!

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