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 Vigilante Team was formed in response to the overwhelming lack of manners, poor sportsmanship, and overall rude behavior of most game player in multiplayer games. The team was also created to give people a team in Online Games that didnt feel they HAD to use profanities when they lost a race or didnt get the items they were looking for. I'll be the first to admit, were not all perfect (and Im not saying I am) but we constantly try our best to uphold most, if not all the rules that were set for V.T. members. Our rules are a little fairer than most Teams you may have run upon. Also V.T. members get perks that other clubs havent even thought of offering as sort of a way of rewarding good behavior and good sportsmanship. We constantly get requests from people wanting to be members, or people just asking questions about us, you can contact us at:, I will try to respond to every email, but come-on I'm only human so dont get carried away!

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