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Lost Soul: Part 1
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Well folks, its official. I've begun creating my own First Person Shooters. I'll post pictures from each game and some info about them and their progress. When the game is done you will be able to purchase them here and shortly after on Ebay. Links for each will be posted on the correct page. Enjoy.

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 Well, the progress got slowed down a little while back. I accidentally smashed my first finger (left hand) while folding up a folding table, then I accidentally dropped a hot marshmallow on my thumb which burned a huge spot on my thumb (left hand, again)
  All those things made working on this rather difficult. Now that all those problems have healed I've begun work again, and as you can see the progress bar doesn't show 54% anymore.  :)

 Please help and donate some extra money, any amount will do. It will help me keep the cost of games down, and help me add extra content to the games I create. You shouldn't need to be a member of Paypal to donate with this link.