Ives Toys

Running a real railroad and managing a fleet of ships is a man's job. But Ives Toys - trains and boats - enable a boy to be everything from section hand to president on his own railroad and from engineer to fleet commander over his own boats.

Ives Toys broaden the boy as he plays. He uses his ingenuity and thinks for himself as he learns the fundamentals of transportation. The self-reliance he acquires while playing with Ives Toys helps him in later life, whatever his vocation.

Ives Trains - electrical and mechanical - are sturdily constructed to withstand boyish abuse. They whiz on the straightaway and whirl around curves, take switches and pass crossings without leaving the track. With bridges, stations, semaphores, sidings, culverts, tunnels, and other accessories, any boy can plan, build and operate a complete miniature railway system.

Ives Boats are Ives latest development. Made of steel, watertight. A screw propeller, driven by powerful clockwork motor, speeds the perfectly balanced craft through the water for long distances at a single winding. Twelve models and sizes.

Good toy stores and toy departments everywhere sell genuine Ives Toys. The name is on every one. Send 4c in stamps for either our booklet on boats or folder on trains; both for 6c. The boat book contains rules of the sea, signals, dictionary of nautical terms and other interesting facts about navigation.

The Ives Mfg. Corporation
194 Holland Avenue
Bridgeport, Conn.

This ad appeared in The Saturday Evening Post, November 22, 1919.