Caboose Marker Lamp


Caboose Marker Lamp
14 and 1/2" tall, 9" overall diameter
Three blue-green lenses, 5 and 1/2" diameter
One red lens, 6 and 1/2" diameter
Foot on left is used to hang the lamp on the side of the caboose.


Top marking
"The ADLAKE Non-Sweating Lamp, Chicago"
"LEFT" indicates which side of the caboose this one hangs on.

Sliding door raised to allow access to
slide-out fuel tank and burner.

Bottom view, shows handgrip with spring-loaded
trigger to allow the lamp to be swiveled 90 degrees.
Red to the rear when on the main track,
red to the caboose wall when on a siding.

Bracket bolted to the side of the caboose
that the marker lamp foot slides into.