The Waltham Watch Company

WALTHAM is the pioneer railroad watch of America and the first officially adopted by leading railroads here and abroad. For years, Waltham was the only Company to construct a watch movement specially designed for railroad purposes.

RAILROAD watches, to pass inspection, must not only be time pieces of absolute mechanical precision, insensible to changes of temperature, climatic conditions and varying altitudes, but mad specially strong and durable for the exacting Railroad service.

WALTHAM watches have stood the test of three generations of railroad history. For scientific accuracy they are unrivalled. They have been furnished to numberless scientific expeditions where time reckonings were of the greatest moment, including those of Perry and Shackelton. They have also been selected by the United States, Canadian and foreign governments for survey and other scientific work.


WONDERFUL automatic machinery invented at The Waltham Factory insures a uniformity and precision in the manufacture of small watch parts impossible to obtain from the most skilled hand labor of Europe. This is a great factor in Waltham accuracy.

SCIENTIFIC care in the adjustment of Waltham watches is shown in the fact that The Waltham Factory has its own Astronomical observatory, equipped with transit instruments and sidereal clock, and maintains an independent standard of time corrected to the second's fraction.

ALL watches are not exposed to the exacting conditions of railroading; but it stands to reason that watch construction designed to meet these severe conditions will also meet the needs of every-day business, professional and social life with highest proficiency. Waltham Colonial, Riverside grade, in thin exquisite models, is an ideal high grade watch for the man of taste.


Railroad watches began with "Crescent St.", for years the highest grade 18 size Waltham movement and still and old Railroad favorite. Successive improvements finally evolved the "Vanguard" - the foremost railroad watch in the world.

Waltham "Vanguard."

VANGUARD: Strength, solidity and simplicity distinguish this famous model. While the frame of the ordinary watch movement is composed of seven parts, The Vanguard has but four. Other points of superiority are: the location and protected condition of the balance wheel; the use of the double roller, whereby escapement friction is reduced; the manner of securing the jewel pin in the impulse roller; the improved steel tempered safety barrel which secures the train of the watch against dangers otherwise likely to arise from the breaking of the mainspring. The Vanguard is made with 19, 21 and 23 selected diamond, fine ruby and sapphire jewels; is adjusted to temperature, isochronism and five positions.

Waltham "Crescent St."

CRESCENT ST. is a solid nickel movement and is made with 19 and 21 fine ruby jewels; adjusted to temperature, isochronism and five positions.

"It's Time You Owned a Waltham."

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This ad appeared in the "Scientific American," June 17, 1911.

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