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The Railroad Man's


Vol.1. No.1.
OCTOBER, 1906.

Table of Contents

  1. "Just a Word About This New Magazine," by Mr. Munsey. Editorial
  2. "A Whole Nation on Wheels," by Gilson Willets. Fact
  3. "The Ancestry of Steam." Fact
  4. "Great Train Robberies of the United States," by Charles Frances Bourke. Fact
  5. "What's in a Name?" Humor
  6. "Industrial Roll of Honor." Fact
  7. "Four-Flushing," by Cy Warman. Fiction
  8. "Fast Trains of the World." Fact
  9. "King of the Rail," by La Touche Hancock. Poetry
  10. "'Dan' Quixote," by Louis Joseph Vance. Fiction
  11. "Railroad's Princely Income." Fact***
  12. "Law for the Railroads." Fact
  13. "The Biggest Railroad Station in the World," by Grant Winslow. Fact
  14. "Great Dates in Railroad History." Fact
  15. "Kitty's Suit-Case Comedy," by Jane De Leuw. Fiction
  16. " Rhyme of the Rail," by John Godfrey Saxe. Poetry
  17. "Nancy Hart's Gratitude," by Ada Patterson. True Story
  18. "Up Mont Blanc by Trolley." Fact
  19. "Off the Main Line." Fact
  20. "Pioneers of the Iron Trail," by Frank MacDonald. Biography
  21. "Ticket-Selling Made Easy." Fact
  22. "Full Speed Ahead." Fact
  23. "Corks and the Commodore," by Harry D. Couzens. Fiction
  24. "Out of the Scrap Heap." Humor
  25. "Birth of the Locomotive," by Edward B. Mitchell. Fact
  26. "Binley and 46," by Sam Davis. Poetry
  27. "A Ride with 'Big Arthur,'" by Burke Jenkins. Fact
  28. "'Working' His Way." Fact
  29. "He was on the Job to Stay." Fact
  30. "The House of Suspicion," by Edgar Franklin. Fiction
  31. "Word Pictures of Progress." Politics
  32. "A Cowboy Knight Errant," by Leo Crane. Fiction
  33. "Before the Locomotive Came." Fact
  34. "The Sunny Side of the Track." Humor
  35. "Live Wires," by F. M. McClintic. Fact
  36. "A Mad Run with a Maniac." True Story
  37. "Andy the Peacemaker," by Frederick Walworth Brown. Fiction
  38. "Who Took Russia's Lost Cars?" Fact
  39. "Work the Secret of Success." True Story
  40. "Coal Enough for a Thousand Years." Fact
  41. "Railroad Skirmishes," by W. G. Seaver. Fact
  42. "Crises in Invention's Drama," by Jackson Harvelle Ray. Fact
  43. "Seeing Things at Night." True Story
  44. "Roll-Call of Veterans." Fact
  45. "Doc's Beau," by Caroline Lockhart. Fiction
  46. "Swan Song of a Telegrapher." Poetry
  47. "Hoodoos that Trainmen Dread." Fact
  48. "New York to Cuba by Rail." Speculation
  49. "Nickels of the Trolley," by J. J. Almonte. Fact
  50. "London to New York Overland." Speculation
  51. "Knights of the Key." Biography
  52. "How Many Make a Train Full?" Fact
  53. "We Want and Will Pay for True Stories." Editorial
  54. "His Friend the Outlaw," Jared L. Fuller. Fiction
  55. "Ballasted with Gold." Fact
  56. "A Few Facts in Flight," by Gerald Warren. Fact
  57. "Fired for Having a Good Idea." True Story
  58. "Some of the Good Things Scheduled." Editorial

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