Some of the Good Things Scheduled.

The Railroad Man's Magazine will set a pace in human interest that will come pretty near to being the world's record for all time. The fuel with which the boilers will be kept hot has been gathered from round the world; from across the continent; from mountain pass; from valley and river; from rolling prairie and desert sand; from the forests through which the road-builders have fought their way; from the high crests of the Rockies when the iron horse has left its imperishable trail.

The great big historical story of how the continent has been cleared is an epic too boundless for one generation to absorb; but the separate tales of individual heroism, of achievement, of adventure and unending struggle; the conflict against human and natural forces and the long war with the train robbers in which brave messengers fought hand to hand with desperados in the smoke of six-shooters in many a successful defense of the strong box and the express - all make links in the chain of events which will appear in the pages of this magazine.

There will be true stories so graphically told that fiction will become insipid in comparison. No story that of itself is worth getting hold of for the thrilling interest it contains will be left out of the columns of the Railroad Man's Magazine. The frontier has been ransacked; old memories have been recalled; closed lips have been unsealed, and the tales that shall be unfolded will be wonder-laden narratives to make the blood run faster and the heart beat stronger. All this and something more. - The Editor.

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