Average of Nearly Two Hundred Passengers Per Train in India
and Only Fifty in the United States.

THE average number of passengers in each railroad train in this country in 1904 was 50.25. This is a great increase since 1898, when the average was only thirty-nine, but it is still small in comparison with other countries. In Germany, for instance, in 1898 the average was seventy-one and in India it was one hundred and eighty-nine. Most American communities want as many and as fast trains as they can get, and make life miserable for the railroad officials if their demands are not complied with. But in Massachusetts, according to tile Boston Herald, folks rather resent changes in the time-tables. It is said that one town even objected to the railroad's proposal to put on more trains, on the ground that it would be too difficult to remember them all. The result is that there are trains running in and out of Boston at the same times and making the same stops that they did sixty years ago.

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