WITHIN a year or so the "Havana Limited" will leave New York as regularly as the Chicago express or the Boston flyer. To Cuba by rail and without change of cars is a dream of Henry M. Flagler's which is now about to come true. As the island is two hundred miles from the mainland of Florida, an absolutely all-rail route is, of course, out of the question, but Flagler has found a way to cut the ocean trip almost in half, and one will actually be able to travel from New York to Havana, Cienfuegos, or Santiago without stirring from his chair in the palace car.

From Cape Sable, the end of the mainland, to Key West, Flagler has carried his railroad from key to key by a series of remarkable arches. So small are the island stepping-stones of this line that from the car-window they will hardly be visible, and the traveler will apparently be rushing seventy-five miles out to sea.

From Key West an ocean ferry will carry the cars to Havana, much as freight is now taken around New York City.

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