Engineer's Vision of His Wife on the Track Before the Locomotive,
and Why He Saw Her.

LOCOMOTIVE engineers are not subject, as a rule, to ocular delusions. When they are, their usefulness as engineers soon ceases. The Wichita (Kansas) Eagle however, tells an amusing story of one engineer who had such a delusion and presumably is still on his run. This is the story as the engineer told it:

"The first part of the incident I don't remember much about. I will tell you just how I felt about it, which was this way: I felt my body swaying from side to side and a terrifying forward and back motion. There was something wrong. I had a fleeting vision of a face. It was the face of a woman and the most beautiful woman I ever saw. It was my wife. There she was, right on the rails.

"When the train began to slow down, the fireman peered into my face, and said: 'My God; Hodgead, what is the matter?' I could not answer, and only murmured something that I could not catch myself. The fireman jumped to the ground and looked over the wheels and engine. I finally asked him if there was much blood. 'Blood!' he replied. 'What are you talking about?'

"I came to my senses with a start. Jumping from the cab, I ran back along the track to the spot where I first saw the face of my wife, and looked for the body. What bothered me was how on earth she came to be in the eastern part of the State when we lived in Wichita. The conductor came out and asked me what was the matter. I responded with the request for his help to find her. 'Her!' he said. 'What her?' This made me mad. I grew furious. Running back to the engine, I reached up in the cab for a lantern, and as I stepped out in front to look for blood on the cow-catcher I happened to glance up at the cab and saw something that let me down about two inches in my shoes. It was my wife's face in the window.

"'Get on!' I bawled out to the train-crew. I have found it.' They did, and I jumped to the cab all trembling with emotion. I got busy right away and found that the picture of my wife that had always hung from the ceiling of the cab had become loosened by the rough track and was flopping about by one small string. The face I saw in the window was a reflection, and the smoky glass helped to fool me. I can tell you I felt better."

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