We Want and Will Pay For True Stories.

RAILROADING in all its phases is dramatic. It is full of thrilling and absorbing stories that compel interest; stories of the sort that everybody likes to read because they are true. There is hardly a railroad man in the United States, from the general manager to the humblest section-hand, who cannot unfold a story in which he himself has played a part; a story of danger and daring; a story of courage; a story of mystery, romance, or wonder.

It is these that the RAILROAD MAN'S MAGAZINE wants in its pages, and for which it is willing to pay. They need not be long, but they must be true and they must be interesting; from 1,000 to 3,000 words in length and containing names, dates, and places.

If you know any stories of this sort write them and send them to the editor of the "True Stories Series," RAILROAD MAN'S MAGAZINE, Flatiron Building, New York, enclosing stamps. If the stories are unavailable, it goes without saying that they will be returned; if available a check will be mailed to you immediately upon acceptance. Each story will he printed over the writer's signature.

You may never before have written for publication. No matter! Send your manuscripts, anyway; a true story writes itself.

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