What Became of the Fifteen Hundred That Disappeared
From the Siberian Railroad During the War With Japan?

THE Russians have just discovered that during the war with Japan one thousand five hundred cars completely disappeared from the Siberian Railroad. During the same time so many other things were lost, including two fleets and a fortress, that no attention was paid to the missing cars. Now no trace of them can be found.

The investigators are also searching for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars belonging to the government, which vanished from one station, besides smaller sums which were stolen all along the line. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good, and the war seems to have been profitable to somebody in Russia, after all.

Meanwhile, Japan, despite her recent triumphs, is showing herself still willing to learn. Ten Japanese army officers are to be put to work on the Southern Pacific, in order to learn something of American operating and accounting methods.

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