This view of the Grand Central Station as it will appear in eighteen months' time at completion, is taken from Park Avenue, looking north. The approach, by a bridge over Forty-second Street, will lead to a driveway, encircling the station building, which will connect with Park Avenue to the north. The station building at street level will be 300 feet wide, 600 feet long, and 105 feet high. Below street level it will be 480 feet wide, 745 feet long, and 45 feet deep, the trains being handled on two separate levels. The total area of the terminal will be 69.8 acres.


Railroads of a Continent

Table of Contents

  1. " The Steel Railroad Car." Editorial
  2. "The Interstate Commerce Law," Judge Judson C. Clements. Fact
  3. "Relations of the Railroads to the Public - Co-operative, Not Antagonistic," W.C. Brown. Fact
  4. "Transcontinental Railroads in the United States," William E. Hooper. Fact
  5. "The Growth of American Locomotives and Railroads," Herbert T. Walker. Fact
  6. "The Transcontinental Railroads of Canada," J.W. Whitman. Fact
  7. " The World's Greatest Railway Terminal," Walter Bernard. Fact
  8. "A Substitute for the Rate Increase," Charles B. Brewer. Fact
  9. " The Railroad Man and His Watch." Fact

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