The Works of Frank P. Donovan, Jr.

(about Railroad Stories)

"Railroad Fiction Books," Railroad Stories, February 1937

"This list of railroad fiction books has been compiled by Frank Donovan, Jr., ... in answer to requests from many readers. It represents the volumes in Mr. Donovan's personal library. He wants to hear from anyone else who can mention other such books of railroad fiction in the English language." (4 pages)

"Railroad Fiction Books - No. 2," Railroad Stories, May 1937

"Thanks to the many readers who sent him book titles, Frank Donovan Jr., ... has been able to compile this additional railroad-book list. First list appeared in the February '37 issue." (3 pages)

The Railroad in Literature, 1940

This work contains the most complete list of books of railroad stories that I am aware of (up to 1940). It contains many that are not on my list. Donovan classified them in several sections, rated them as to the amount of railroad content, and added a good deal of fascinating information about both the stories and the authors. (138 pages)

Headlights and Markers: An Anthology of Railroad Stories, 1946
co-edited with Robert Selph Henry

"Any collection of stories has, of course, varied qualities, but the seventeen tales between these covers are, above all, rattling good stories - stories from a man's world. Covering all phases of railroading from coast to coast, they are necessarily packed with action, adventure, and raw passions." (406 pages)

Before each story, there is an essay about the author, usually including a list of some of the other works of that author.

Harry Bedwell: Last of the Great Railroad Storytellers, 1959

"Harry Bedwell was a railroader from his youth, and he wrote of what he had done, and what he had seen done, and these tales remain today as the outstanding writings in a specialized and nostalgic field of Americana." (119 pages)

A biography (Bedwell died in 1955), this volume also contains a complete bibliography of Bedwell's stories.

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