Grand Central Station!

A Weekly Radio Program from the 1940's

I remember this show from my childhood. I loved to hear the "introduction," but as I recall, the stories seldom had anything to do with trains.

(locomotive whistle)

(distant echo, as if calling the stops for a departing train. . .)
Pillsbury - Snowsheen - Cake Flour - brings you -
(majestic echo)
Grand - Central - Station.

(locomotive whistle, rush of brakes, and bell ringing)
(distant echo again. . .)
All aboard - for better baking, - finer cakes, - you're on the right track - with Pillsbury - Snowsheen - Cake Flour.

(locomotive whistle)
(rapidly, and in a hushed voice)
As a bullet seeks its target, shining rails in every part of our great country are aimed at Grand Central Station, heart of the nation's greatest city. Drawn by the magnetic force of the fantastic metropolis, day and night, great trains rush toward the Hudson River, sweep down its eastern bank for one hundred and forty miles, flash briefly by the long red row of tenement houses south of 125th street,
(bell begins and continues)
dive with a roar into the two and a half mile tunnel which burrows beneath the glitter and swank of Park Avenue, and then. . .
(bell and crash of brakes)
(majestic voice. . .)
Grand Central Station! . . .
(normal voice)
crossroads of a million private lives, gigantic stage on which are played a thousand dramas daily.

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