True Stories of the Railroad

Books ordered by Author, Date, and Title
Author Date Title Type
 A No. 1  1969   From Coast to Coast with Jack London fact
   1985   Ways of the Hobo, The fact
 Adams, PM  1956   Life on the Head End fact
 Anderson, C  1916   Sleeping-Car Porter's Experiences, A fact
 Beatty, J  1959   Show Me the Way to Go Home fact
 Cunningham, F  1946   Big Dan fact
 Dodge, Grenville M  1910   How We Built the U P Railway fact
 Dougherty, Samuel A  1984   Call the Big Hook fact
 Fagan, James O  1908   Confessions of a Railway Signalman fact
 Ferguson, J  1925   Experiences of a Railway Guard fact
 Fisher, Kay  1979   Baggage Car with Lace Curtains, A fact
 Furlong, Thomas  1912   Fifty Years a Detective fact
 George, GB  1887   Forty Years on the Rail fact
 Hardy, Ronald  1965   Iron Snake, The fact
 Hind, JR     Tales of the Iron Road fact
 Holderness, HO  1901   Reminiscences of a Pullman Conductor fact
 Hungerford, Edward  1930   Run of the Twentieth Century, The - reprt fact
 Knapke, W  1968   Railroad Caboose, The fact
 Larimer, JM  1909   Bucyrus, the R.R. Wrecker fact
 Lathrop, Gilbert A  1954   Little Engines and Big Men fact
   1976   Rio Grande Glory Days fact
 Leuthner, S  1983   Railroaders, The fact
 McBride, HA  1953   Trains Rolling fact
 Miscellaneous  1950   Ties that Bind fact
 Moffitt, C  1916   True Detective Stories from Pinkertons fact
 Morgan, David P  1954   True Adventures of Railroaders fact
 Paine, C  1884   Art of Railroading, The fact
 Pangborn, JG  1894   World's Rail Way, The fact
 Pennoyer, AS  1954   Locomotives in Our Lives fact
 Prebble, John  1956   Disaster at Dundee fact
 Reed, JH  1913   Forty Years a Locomotive Engineer fact
 Russell, Charles Edward  1912   Stories of the Great Railroads fact
 Walborn, CH  1913   Confessions of a Pullman Conductor fact
 Whitaker, RE  1974   All Aboard with E M Frimbo fact
 Whiting, FB  1932   Grit, Grief, and Gold fact

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