Fictional Stories of the Railroad

Books ordered by Author, Date, and Title
Author Date Title Type
 Adair, Ward W  1912   Lure of the Iron Trail, The fict
 Adsit     Mystery of the Fast Mail, A fict
 Alexander, Ruth  1928   Wrecker, The fict
 Alger, Horatio, Jr.     Telegraph Boy, The fict
   1883   Train Boy, The fict
   1891   Erie Train Boy, The fict
 Anonymous     Down and Back fict
 Appleton, Victor  1922   Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive fict
 Aye, John  1931   Humour on the Rail fict
 Bain, William E  1961   Frisco Folks fict
 Banks, Richard  1987   Colorado Midland Boomer fict
 Barnard, C  1881   Knights of Today fict
 Barr, Robert  1905   Speculations of John Steele, The fict
 Beach, Rex  1913   Iron Trail, The fict
 Bedwell, Harry C  1942   Boomer, The fict
 Beers, Frank  1904   Green Signal of Caution, The fict
 Bennett, Arnold  1928   Accident fict
 Benson, Ramsey  1928   Hill Country fict
 Bess, Clayton  1986   Tracks fict
 Bishop, A  1921   Tom of the Raiders fict
 Blochman, Lawrence G  1934   Bombay Mail fict
 Bonner, Mary Graham  1949   Mysterious Caboose, The fict
 Botkin, Benjamin A  1953   Treasury of Railroad Folklore, A fict
 Brady, Jasper Ewing  1898   Tales of the Telegraph fict
   1902   Danger Signals (Stories of the Railroad & Tales of the Telegraph) fict
 Brand, Max  1913   Iron Trail, The fict
 Brown, IM  1930   Boomer Bill - His Book fict
 Burns, WC  1920   Pleading for Justice fict
 Canfield, William W  1909   Along the Way fict
 Carr, Sarah Pratt  1907   Iron Way, The fict
 Chapman, Allen  1906   Young Express Agent, The fict
   1906   Ralph of the Roundhouse fict
   1907   Ralph in the Switch Tower fict
   1909   Ralph on the Engine fict
   1910   Ralph on the Overland Express fict
   1911   Ralph the Train Dispatcher fict
   1918   Ralph on the Army Train fict
   1923   Ralph on the Midnight Flyer fict
   1924   Ralph and the Missing Mail Pouch fict
   1927   Ralph on the Mountain Division fict
   1928   Ralph and the Train Wreckers fict
 Christie, Agatha  1928   Mystery of the Blue Train, The fict
   1933   Murder in the Calais Coach fict
 Churchill, Winston  1906   Coniston fict
   1908   Mr. Crew's Career fict
 Cohen, Octavus Roy  1930   Epic Peters, Pullman Porter fict
 Coles, Manning  1952   Night Train to Paris fict
   1956   Basle Express, The fict
 Coombs, Charles  1953   Young Readers - Railroad Stories fict
 Coombs, F E Lovell  1910   Young Railroaders, The fict
   1933   Haunted Station, The fict
   1933   Lost Train, The fict
   1933   Radio Ghost Finder, The fict
   1933   Runaway Train, The fict
   1933   Race for Yellow Creek, The fict
   1933   Through the Forest Fire fict
 Cooper, Courtney Ryley  1922   White Desert, The fict
   1923   Last Frontier, The fict
   1931   End of Steel fict
 Crump, Irving  1921   Boy's Book of Railroads, The fict
 De Courcy, MB  1905   Sons of the Red Rose fict
 Dean, Graham M  1930   Gleaming Rails fict
 Denbie, Roger  1933   Death on the Limited fict
   1934   Time-table Murder, The fict
 Dixon, Franklin W  1941   Mystery of the Flying Express, The fict
 Donovan, Frank P  1968   Headlights and Markers fict
 Downey, Fairfax  1951   Trail of the Iron Horse fict
 Dreiser, Theodore  1914   Titan, The fict
   1927   Financier, The fict
 Drysdale, William  1896   Fast Mail, The fict
 Earp, JW  1921   Boomer Jones fict
 Ellis, Edward S  1895   Young Conductor, The fict
   1898   From the Throttle to the President's Chair fict
   1908   P. Q. & G., The fict
 Epstein, Samuel & Beryl  1956   Andrews Raid, The fict
 Ermin, W  1937   Barbed-Wire Empire fict
 Fenner, Phyllis R  1966   Open Throttle fict
 Ferguson, J  1924   Stories of the Rail fict
 Ford, Paul Leichester  1901   Great K & A Train Robbery, The fict
 Frith, Henry  1891   Biography of a Locomotive Engine, The fict
 Garrett, Garet  1922   Driver, The fict
 Grant, Douglas  1919   Single Track, The fict
 Greene, Graham  1933   Orient Express fict
 Greene, Homer  1902   Pickett's Gap fict
 Grey, Zane  1918   U.P. Trail, The fict
 Haines, William Wister  1934   Slim fict
   1938   High Tension fict
 Hale, Garth  1947   This Pounding Wheel fict
   1952   Legacy for Our Sons fict
 Hamblen, Herbert E  1898   General Manager's Story, The fict
   1899   We Win fict
 Harlow, Alvin F  1953   Treasury of Railroad Folklore, A fict
 Harper, Lyle  1932   Ghost Train fict
 Haycox, E  1936   Trouble Shooter fict
 Henry, Robert Selph  1968   Headlights and Markers fict
 Hill, Edwin C  1923   Iron Horse, The fict
 Hill, Grace Livingston  1919   Red Signal, The fict
 Hill, John A  1899   Stories of the Railroad fict
   1899   Jim Skeever's Object Lessons fict
   1902   Danger Signals (Stories of the Railroad & Tales of the Telegraph) fict
 Hine, Charles DeLano  1904   Letters from an old Railway Official fict
   1904   Letters from an old Railway Official, 1st Series fict
   1912   Letters from an old Railway Official, 2nd Series fict
 Hitchens, Bert & Delores  1955   F O B Murder fict
   1956   One Way Ticket fict
   1957   End of the Line fict
   1959   Man Who Followed Women, The fict
   1963   Grudge, The fict
 Hoffman, Robert Fulkerson  1910   Mark Enderby - Engineer fict
 Holman, Russell  1928   Speedy fict
 Hoskin, GC  1923   Iron Horse, The fict
 Hubbard, Freeman H  1945   Railroad Avenue fict
   1951   Roundhouse Cat, The fict
   1952   Train That Never Came Back, The fict
   1959   Phantom Brakeman, The fict
 Hungerford, Edward  1912   Little Corky fict
 Hutchinson, Veronica  1952   Tales of the Rails fict
 James, Edgar  1911   Told on the Train fict
 Japrisot, Sebastien  1962   10:30 from Marseille, The fict
 Johnson, Rob  1996   Short Lines fict
 Jones, Kenneth Westcott  1992   Rail Tales of the Unexpected fict
 Jones, Neason  1904   Tom Keenan - Locomotive Engineer fict
 Jones, William C  1974   Rail Fiction Classics fict
   1976   More Rail Classics fict
 Kennedy, Ludovic  1980   Book of Railway Journeys, A fict
 Kerr, Alva Milton  1903   Young Heroes of the Wire and Rail fict
   1907   Diamond Key, The fict
 Kester, Vaughan  1901   Manager of the B & A, The fict
 Kipling, Rudyard  1898   Day's Work, The fict
 Knight, R  1918   Tommy of the Voices fict
 Lampton, WG  1908   Trolley Car and the Lady fict
 Lathrop, Gilbert A  1936   Whispering Rails fict
   1937   Mystery Rides the Rails fict
 Lee, Jennette  1909   Simeon Tetlow's Shadow fict
 Legg, Stuart  1952   Railway Book, The fict
 Lent, Henry B  1932   Clear Track Ahead fict
 Lever, Charles J  1899   Barrington: Tales of the Trains fict
 Leverage, Henry  1927   Purple Limited, The fict
 Liddell, Kenneth  1966   I'll Take the Train fict
 Lincoln, Joseph C  1910   Depot Master, The fict
 London, Jack  1907   Road, The fict
 Lynde, Francis  1899   Romance in Transit, A fict
   1900   Private Chivalry, A fict
   1904   Grafters, The fict
   1905   Fool for Love, A fict
   1907   Empire Builders fict
   1910   Taming of Red Butte Western, The fict
   1912   Scientific Sprague fict
   1913   Honorable Senator Sage-Brush, The fict
   1919   David Vallory fict
   1920   Wreckers, The fict
   1922   Donovan Chance, The fict
   1925   Fight on the Standing Stone, The fict
   1929   Young Blood fict
 Maguire, Shandy  1907   Random Rhymes and Rhapsodies of the Rail fict
 Mase, SW  1926   Singing Wheels fict
 McCague, James  1955   Big Ivy, The fict
   1960   Fiddle Hill fict
 McClure's  1901   Railroad, The fict
 McDonough, Marian McIntyre  1940   Rails Push West, The fict
 Meader, Stephen W  1944   Long Trains Roll, The fict
 Meigs, Cornelia  1928   Wonderful Locomotive, The fict
   1937   Railroad West fict
 Merwin, Samuel  1905   Road Builders, The fict
 Merwin-Webster  1899   Short Line War, The fict
   1901   Calumet "K" fict
 Milburn, G  1930   Hobo's Hornbook, The fict
 Miller, James B  1951   Railroad Battalion fict
 Miscellanious  1909   Boy's Book of the Railroad fict
 Morgan, Bryan  1975   Crime on the Lines fict
 Moskowitz, Samuel  1954   Great Railroad Stories of the World fict
 Munroe. Kirk  1892   Cab and Caboose fict
 Nebel, Frederick  1933   Sleepers East fict
 Nevins, Frank J  1933   Yankee Dared, A fict
 Noble, Hollister  1954   One Way to Eldorado fict
 Norris, Frank  1906   Octopus, The fict
 Oemler, Marie Conway  1929   Johnny Reb fict
 Optic, Oliver  1897   Through by Daylight fict
 Packard, Frank L  1911   On the Iron at Big Cloud fict
   1918   Wire Devils, The fict
   1919   Night Operator, The fict
   1925   Running Special fict
 Packer, Eleanor  1935   Silver Streak, The fict
 Page, Thomas Nelson  1907   Under the Crust fict
 Palmer, Walter  1906   Young Switch-Tender, The fict
 Parson, Kirk  1903   On the Mountain Division fict
 Peake, EE  1900   Darlingtons, The fict
 Perry, Dick  1966   Roundhouse, Paradise and Mr. Pickering, The fict
 Peyton, Richard  1990   Journey Into Fear fict
 Phillips, Henry Wallace  1909   Trolley Folly fict
 Phillips, RA  1911   Lee Blake, Trolley Man fict
 Pike, R  1884   Railway Adventures and Anecdotes fict
 Pinkerton, Allan  1881   Railroad Forger and the Detectives, The fict
   1886   Expressman and the Detectives, The fict
 Popkin, Zelda  1945   Journey Home, The fict
 Pratt, Theodore  1947   Mr. Thurtle's Trolley fict
 Pronzini, Bill  1977   Midnight Specials fict
   1986   Railroaders - The Best of the West, The fict
 Reilly, TS  1912   Diary of a Round House Foreman fict
 Reinhardt, R  1970   Workin' on the Railroad fict
 Ridge, WP  1905   On Company's Service fict
   1911   Thanks to Sanderson fict
 Rinehart, Mary Roberts  1909   Man in Lower Ten, The fict
 Robertson, Archie  1945   Slow Train to Yesterday fict
 Robins, E  1902   Chasing an Iron Horse fict
 Sabin, Edwin L  1919   Opening the Iron Trail fict
 Sanger, WC  1924   Tides of Commerce fict
 Savile, FM  1907   Road, The fict
 Scribners  1893   Stories of the Railway fict
 Simenon, Georges  1965   Venice Train, The fict
 Smith, EB  1913   Railroad Book, The fict
 Smith, Stephe  1873   Romance and Humor of the Rails fict
 Spearman, Frank H  1900   Held for Orders fict
   1903   Daughter of a Magnate fict
   1911   Whispering Smith fict
   1919   Mountain Divide, The fict
   1927   Flambeau Jim fict
 Stevenson, Burton E  1907   Young Train Dispatcher, The fict
   1909   Young Train Master, The fict
   1929   Young Apprentice, The fict
   1930   Young Section Hand, The fict
 Stevenson, Robert Lewis  1895   Across the Plains fict
 Stringer, Arthur  1925   Power fict
 Sullivan, Oscar M  1928   Empire-Builder, The fict
 Swan, EW  1905   Along the Line fict
 Taylor, BH  1874   World on Wheels, The fict
 Taylor, Joseph  1874   Fast Life on the Modern Highway, A fict
 Terhune, Albert Payson  1907   Caleb Conover - Railroader fict
 Thomas, Charles  1963   Comanche Belle fict
 Thornton, C  1891   Story of the Fast Mail, The fict
 Titus, Harold  1932   Below Zero fict
 Tufts, Anne  1957   Rails Along the Chesapeake fict
 Van Loan, HH  1926   Dixie Flyer, The fict
 Vance, Louis Joseph  1914   Trey O' Hearts, The fict
 Votaw, Clarence E  1907   Jasper Hunnicutt of Jimpsonhurst fict
 Waldo, H  1923   Magic Midland, The fict
 Warman, Cy  1895   Tales of an Engineer fict
   1897   Express Messenger, The fict
   1898   Frontier Stories fict
   1899   Snow on the Headlight fict
   1899   White Mail, The fict
   1900   Short Rails fict
   1906   Last Spike, The fict
   1911   Songs of Cy Warman fict
 Warren, Joseph  1927   General, The fict
 Washburn, Edwin C  1929   '17', The fict
 Waters, Don  1928   Call of Shining Steel, The fict
   1928   Pounding the Rails fict
 Webster, Frank V  1911   Bob Chester's Grit fict
 Whately, Roger  1935   Silver Streak fict
 White, GM     Great Express Robbery, The fict
 Whitechurch, Canon Victor Lorenzo  1912   Thrilling Stories of the Railway fict
 Zola, Emile  1890   Human Beast, The fict

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