Tom Swift and his Electric Locomotive

Two Miles a Minute on the Rails

Victor Appleton


Table of Contents (Chapters)

  1. A Tempting Offer
  2. Trouble Starts
  3. Tom Swift's Friends
  4. Much to Think About
  5. Barbed Wire Entanglements
  6. The Contract Signed
  7. The Man with Big Feet
  8. An Enemy in the Dark
  9. Where was Koku?
  10. A Strange Conversation
  11. Touch and Go
  12. The Try-out Day Arrives
  13. Hopes and Fears
  14. Speed
  15. The Enemy Still Active
  16. Off for the West
  17. The Wreck of the Forty-eight
  18. On the Hendrickton & Pas Alos
  19. Peril, the Mother of Invention
  20. The Result
  21. The Open Switch
  22. A Desparate Chase
  23. Mr. Damon at Bat
  24. Putting the Enemy to Flight
  25. Speed and Success

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