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A Registration Fee will be required prior to the start of classes for Fall, Winter, and Spring for all students.   Reduced registration fees are charged mid-year or waived under certain circumstances.    Monthly fees are due on the first of every month.  No student will be allowed to attend classes until class fees are received unless special arrangements have been made.    Please call or email us if you have any further questions concerning fees.  Pre-registration packets containing all registration forms and information for the school year may be mailed upon request.



****NEW***** Children Pre-Ballet I (ages 3-4) 

Basic ballet position, creative movement, fun while challenging for the youngest ballerinas.

Must be able to follow instructions and "potty trained".  Great first class for children who

love music and movement.


****New**** Children Pre-Ballet II  (ages 5-7):

Children will learn some fundamental ballet poses and steps, enjoying the opportunites to learn

about classical music and famous ballets, while obtaining a balance between developmental skill sets

and emotional needs appropriate for this age group.  Students will be introduced to

barre work and some center floor exercises.




Children Ballet I/II  (Ages 8-11):

Children will learn more advance steps, utilizing barre and centre floor exercises which build upon the skill set


are previously learned in Pre-Ballet classes.  Ages 8-11 will involve themselves in learning traditional ballet forms and


movement, learning to put arm, leg, and head movements together, balance technique, and posturing. 

Ages 11-12 may begin pointe lessons along with their traditional ballet classes if strong enough.  Musicality is emphasized along  


with more advanced exercises.



Adult Ballet for Health:

Geared to the mature woman to develop and maintain a healthy mind and flexible body through


enjoyment of ballet exercises.  These classes will include some yoga methodology for increased flexibility

and breathing exercises to increase oxygen flow throughout the body.  A progression of center floor


work will lead toward barre work and subsequently more advanced levels of ballet steps.  Adults should

see improved strengthening of legs and feet as classes build on previously learned steps.



****NEW***** Adult Beginning/Intermediate Ballet (Age 18+):

Adults will learn basic fundamental ballet poses and steps, technical skills, balance, and strength


building for the body. Classes assume that physical conditioning of the participants is at a stronger


level than that of the Adult Ballet for Health class.


****NEW *****Adult and Teens Contemporary Ballet ,Lyrical, and Jazz Classes :

Students will learn basic ballet movements with a  contemporary twist.  No

previous experience in ballet required.  This will be a fun, easy moving  class for teens

and adults.






General Class Information and Attire

Classes are offered on Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons for children.  Pointe lessons will be taught when the child is physically ready.  Adult classes are scheduled currently on  Tuesday and  Thursday evening at 7:00 pm.  Private lessons are also available upon request.  Please call the studio at  (404) 256-5542 for additional information about schedules and classes. 

Ballet attire is color assigned by level of class.  Class attire will be traditional pink leotards, tights, and ballet shoes for children ages 3-4.  Ages 5-7 will wear a blue leotards.  Children ages 8+  will wear traditional black or green leotards, pink tights, and pink shoes.   Clothing may be purchased through the studio or  from local merchants.  We also provide discount coupons from local merchants and these will be available at registration.  For modern and jazz classes, students should wear comfortable, loose clothing for tops and jazz pants or capris.  Tan jazz shoes are required, or "foot undies" may be used instead of shoes.

Open registration for all classes is available August  through March,   for  each school year.  An annual recital will be held in late spring or early summer.  The Summer Dance Camp registration begins in January.  These camps will only be held for a minimum of 5 students in June  for  ages  6-9 yrs  and in July for ages 10-14.  The summer program will include dance lessons, a ballet related craft project and movies of ballet performances.  Quiet time will be observed along with a mid-afternoon snack for all students.  Private lessons will also be offered throughout the year and during the summer months when instructor schedules are available.  Adult classes continue throughout the summer months as scheduled.  An annual field trip to a professional ballet performance is scheduled either in the fall or spring sessions.  Older students attend our annual sleepover in the spring.