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May 12, 2011



This is my interpretation of a jig that Russ Erb described on his BearHawk CD (You need to get it if you don’t have it already.) Actually, after going back and checking the CD I see it is a blatant copy of Russ’s jig. No need in trying to improve on something that is simple and works great already.

Consist of:

  • 1/8” Al angle with a radius to receive the attach angle flatly.
  • 1/8” Al faceplate with appropriate hole layout to guide the bit
  • .032 or .025 spacers at each end to form the slot for the angle.


To use simply put the attach angle in the slot, bump it to the left stop (which is the spacer cut to the correct size) drill and cleco as you go to keep things aligned.

For any given spar I would predrill the nose rib attach angles for both the ribs and the spar. I would then predrill the back rib attach angles only for the ribs, leaving the spar side to be match drilled through the spar after it had been match drilled with the nose attach angles. Read that again more slowly and you’ll get it.

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