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May 12, 2011


Hi Folks,

Just thought I would put up a little web site showing some of my construction. This should not be considered my construction log or a manual but I am using some methods that seem a bit different than what other builders have posted so I thought I would try to contribute to the group of builders and lookers out there.

But first a little history! Longtime builders will recognize the number 023 as the Bearhawk plans # of Bill Johnson. Bill was an early builder and a significant contributor to the group’s building efforts to resolve problems. Bill’s welding was the standard that all strived to achieve except perhaps for the Tinman. Bill had so many neat projects in his family’s hangers to work on that he decided to sell his project. I had begun building the steel wing fittings from my plans (#752) in the Fall of 2004. Progress only marginally exceeded that of Planter Bob due to a backlog of honey-dos and house building projects and lack of room in the shop. I had decided to seek relief from Budd in the form of sub assembly kits. I was good to go for the ribs and spars kit and a raw fuselage cage when Bill put 023 up for sale. Unfortunately for Budd, Bill was about 1000 miles closer to me. I went to look at Bill’s project, we came to an agreement, and I brought 023 to Wolfskin, GA in August 2005. In the last year I cleared most of the backlog of honey-dos and came to an agreement with my wife on how fast she could reload the list. She is a good girl and I am fortunate to have such a tolerant wife. She also likes to fly in small planes!

I’m a first time builder, so I have had a lot to learn. I’m happy to report that I am trainable and have not repeated any mistakes. Fortunately, I have not made too many! Having been a wood-butcher most of my life, I am a bit tool challenged in the metal working department. Perhaps this is why I have looked for simple, alternative jigs and assembly methods. Nothing radical, just slightly different from what I’ve seen on most other BearHawk sites.

Hope this provides some inspiration and maybe even a little help out there to other folks thinking about building a BearHawk. Feedback, corrections, opinions and questions are always welcome.

Best Regards - John

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