Wiring Chase


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May 12, 2011



I went to the local Airplane Depot to get some 1/2” thin wall PVC tubing but as I looked around I found some 1/2” PEP tubing also. Comparing weights, I would guess the PEP weighed about half of the PVC. I found that the 3/4” PEP weighed about the same as the 1/2” thin wall PVC, so I opted for a larger diameter for the given weight since I’m thinking of running both wiring and 2 pitot lines to the wing tip. The PEP tubing is also a bit more flexible than the PVC.

Instead of Adell clamps and bolts, I decided to bend some shallow channels out of .020 aluminum. I placed the tubing in the center of the large lightening hole to give me as much room as possible for riveting the skins onto the nose ribs.


To secure the tubing to the channel I found some grommets that worked just about perfectly and drilled the correct size hole in the channel. I may put some silicone caulk on either side of the grommets to be sure the tubing stays put. I used a grommet about every five bays for a total of five per wing.


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