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"I have known a lot of early childhood educators 
and Richard is one of the very few I feel in awe of.
He's the person I call if I need to talk about children's needs because he's straightforward, articulate and
understands the whole being of the child; what the deep child is about, not just the surface stuff that everyone else sees."

- Bev Bos


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Join Richard on Friday, November 22 at the NAEYC Annual Fall Conference for "Metacognitive Reflection: Strategies for Mentoring Teachers in Intentional Practices"

* Now available through the NAEYC Live Learning Center: "Reflection and Intentionality: Supporting the Key Skills of Entry-Level Early Childhood Professionals"

* Richard completes the design of "CDA 2.0" and edits/co-authors the Essentials for Working with Young Children textbook at the Council for Professional Recognition

* Richard co-authors NAEYC glossary of early childhood professional development definitions

* Richard serves as Master of Ceremonies for the Childcare Queensland national conference in Australia

* Richard named Project Design Lead for Michelle Obama's "Let's Move: Child Care" teacher resource kit


THANK YOU to all of the
participants who joined me

"Reflection and Intentionality:
Supporting the Key Skills of
Entry-Level Early Childhood Professionals

It was your wisdom and participation that
made the session as valuable as it was!