Rough Creek Farm
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Draft Horses for Sale

For Sale: Beautiful Suffolk Team -- Full sisters, the oldest is 6 coming 7 years old and is registered. The younger is coming 3 this Summer and is not registered. Both are by Jason's stallion "Rudy" (Ridgewind's Rudescent Rudra) and out of "Tillie" (Little Creak Pearl). We are asking $7,500 for the team...$8,000 for the two daughters and the dam Tillie, who's 20, thrown in.

Rudy's girls

Rudy's girls (Click for larger image)

Rudy's girls (Click for larger image)

"Tillie" (Little Creak Pearl) (Click for larger image)

For Sale: Gelding team, 16.2h, 1750 lbs, Chestnut, Foaled 1990.  "Read's Regal Mark" and "Read's Regal Jerry".  Extremely healthy (no vet bills), lightly worked for the last several years.  These guys have great feet and a great work ethic-have participated in several logging demonstrations with this team. Honest and thrive with routine work.  Have mown and raked hay, planted potatoes, pulled sawmill, trailers and sleds.  Willing, sound and intelligent.  $3500.
UPDATE Jerry has been SOLD. Mark is still available.





SOLD: Gelding, 16.1h, 1800 lbs, Chestnut, Foaled 1986.  "Pete". 
He is a great horse, who hasn't lost a step.  He is very easy to handle, and drives like a dream.  He's had my son ride bareback on him as a youngster without a flinch.  He's great around people, and is quite the easy keeper.  He hasn't cost us one penny in vet bills since 1995 besides routine worming and vaccinations.  $1500



Gary and Beth Anderson, Owners and Proprietors