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Travel, and especially the time to do it is a special gift.  As enjoyable as the things are to see, the gaining of a cultural awareness of the "locals", be it in Iowa, England or Bulgaria is oftentimes even more enjoyable.  For many Americans, travel to Europe holds a special attraction.  And the slower the better.  In our opinion, there is no better way to travel and learn than in a motorhome.

We are blessed in that we have the time, energy and gumption to take on a journey of this magnitude.  But be aware that this was not a snap decision.  We have thought, dreamed and planned for over 6 years: will we have the resources to retire in time?, will we have the desire?, what machine is best for our needs?, where shall we go?, how long should we stay?  Our answers will be different than yours and we will not bore you with them.  

But we will share our voyage and the experiences therein if you wish to follow along.  This blog is not in diary form, but rather in vignettes, often in chronological order but not necessarily.  We will highlight what caught our interest AND the smaller venues not always in the limelight.  For example, there are dozens of descriptions of Versailles, most better than what we could write, but few of lesser known chateau that are as pretty and certainly a lot less crowded.  Often the less crowded is much more enjoyable than the better known  That is not to say we will not return to Versailles, it means we may not write about it.

This blog is basically split into 2 parts:  the vignettes in general and Camping in Europe.  Camping in Europe is devoted to RV'ers, motorhomers, and other campers who have an interest in where to spend the night and what was the place like.  I will try to include a photo of each location where we put our heads to rest.

Thanks for coming along.

Tom and Judy  - Vero Beach, Florida 

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Narrative of the 2007 Journey:  Vignettes from the journey, sights and sounds of interest. Camping in Europe, general comments of interest to motorhomers, including camping spots with GPS coordinates
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Papillon - the Motorhome:  Description of our Winnebago View 23H and its name Preparations  Our preparations and some resources.  Description of the process to ship a motorhome overseas

The hardest part about this journey?  

Making the decision to go.  

After that it was all easy.